Saturday, 19 May 2012

2 - 2

We're in Squamish, a First Nation town just north of Vancouver, We didn't want to go too far, but Natalie was getting really antsy about staying in one place. It's nice here. Vancouver's an odd place to be - either the plastic veneer of inorganic wealth or the inner-city wear of drugs and record homelessness with nothing inbetween. Ironically, the drugs on the bottom half are what fund the high-living on the top half for a lot of people. Squamish is...more grounded. It's largely a First-Nation settlement - First Nation being the accepted term for the indigenous tribes. They're friendly and they run a tight ship with regards to their land - they're not so much an underclass as the aboriginal tribes in the US or Australia.

Natalie and Peter are an interesting duo. They barely talk, and avoid eye contanct, yet they've been travelling together for about a year. And of course, there's the missing arm, which he hasn't adjusted to completely yet. I keep catching her staring at it, zoned out. There's interesting stuff going on there, between those two. Stuff I figure I could use to my advantage.

I have big plans for this little group!

Kari      x

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