Thursday, 26 July 2012

2 - 7

Today I recieved a note through the window. By the time I realised, there was no-one there.

I think it's from Bleakley.

It read "Found your new blog. I suspect you were thinking what I am thinking.

We must meet sometime. A chat between men."

If he's reaching out to me...what the fuck? Does he think I'm a man? I mean, I'm pretty femmy. But the only guy here is Peter and I can't imagine what business Bleakley would have with him. He hasn't come up with anything. He doesn't know jack shit. I know who Bleakley is. I tracked him across fucking continents. Hell, I figured out he was alive in the first place. I should be the one he wants! Not these fucking assholes who've locked me up after I came all this way Me!

...Maybe he saw me at a weird angle. More as it develops, kiddos.


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